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Studying at Milcom: Your gateway to the telecommunications industry

Milcom is a Registered Training Organisation with state-of-the-art facilities positioned in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Renowned for being Australia’s premier telecommunications training institution, Milcom is considered a specialist provider for the industry on a national level.   With a growing list of courses pertaining to the field, we have been providing top-tier courses for over […]


How to Become a Registered, Qualified Cabler in Australia

Cablers test and locate cable faults and carry out any necessary maintenance or repair work on these systems. In a lot of cases, they’re also responsible for installation of new wires. As the NBN continues its rollout, there remains a high demand for licensed cablers across the industry. In the future, as the infrastructure grows […]


Upskilling towards Pit, Pipe and Cable Hauling with Milcom

The growth of NBN Co and efforts to install the high-speed internet to every Australian household has opened up a raft of opportunities for installers. But beyond the basics, there are multiple versions of the NBN being rolled out, including copper, fibre and coaxial variations. Each of these requires different techniques and cabling installation methods. […]

NBN enAble

NBN enAble Accreditation

What is enAbleTM? enAbleTM is an accreditation portal for all workers involved in construction, activation, operation or maintenance on the nbnTM network. enAbleTM stores worker skills and competencies, hosts online training materials, and provides up-to-date information about nbn accreditation. How do I become accredited? Workers need to follow the steps below in order to become […]

KNX Australia

Become KNX certified! Enrolments now open!

Developed in partnership with Ivory Egg, this 4-day course will provide you and your staff with the expert technical skills required to become KNX certified. Take advantage of the opportunities in the highly attractive home automation market. Government funding may be available for your organisation if you have a group of participants to subsidise your […]

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ISK 2015

Milcom Institute is proud to have been able to support the Queensland University of Technology and the 6th annual International Symposium on Kallikreins and Kallikrein-Related Peptidases (ISK 2015) by sponsoring the development and hosting of the event website. ISK 2015 will take place at the Translational Research Institute on the Princess Alexandra Hospital Biomedical Precinct, […]

Melbourne, Victoria

The Grass is Greener at Milcom!

This will be a familiar sight for those students who have visited our Granville premises recently, as we’ve been working hard to get our new practical area setup and certified by our engineers. As a simulated environment, students are able to experience similar conditions to what they will encounter on the job, which makes for […]

Milcom Communications

Supporting local artists at Milcom!

To liven up our newly refurbished office space in Granville, we wanted to signify our move to a company that likes to mix things up a bit. Unfortunately none of us posess the artistic talent to paint anything more detailed than a polar bear in a snowstorm, so we decided to get some help. We contacted […]