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What is Coaxial Cable: Learn at Milcom and Boost Your Career Opportunity

Coaxial Cable

NBN is Australia’s national broadband network. The organization has the critical task of replacing copper wires and cable broadband with optical fibre and other technologies to deliver more reliable and high-speed internet service to your home.

Different versions of NBN are rolling out, including fibre, copper and Coaxial types, and each of the types calls for other installation techniques and specialized training. This has opened up significant career opportunities to the contractors, students and cable installers in the telecommunication sector. The technical training provides a good career prospect for the industry cable technicians to upskill and become skilled technicians in the Australian telecom sector – the economic growth driver.

Coaxial Cabling in Telecom Sector

If you are seeking a career in the Telecom sector as a technician, you require a fundamental understanding of Coaxial cable. It is a type of cable with an inner conductor surrounded by an insulating layer, surrounded by a conductive shielding, and sometimes an insulating outer jacket.

Although it is pretty easy to install coaxial cable. It is durable and best used for professional networks, such as those found within a university. If you happen to be working on a home installation assignment, then you’d probably be better off sticking with coax cable.

An Insight into Cable Hauling Career

Suppose you are an aspiring student, or cable technician in the trade, wanting to upskill your career. In that case, you need to undergo professional skill development training from specified institutes  ( recognized by NBN ) that trains you as per the NBN official standards and help you to understand the nitty-gritty of your work related to nbn coaxial cable and nbn coaxial cable type.

The course curriculum for the Structured cabling training should focus on preparing, conducting, and completing sites to install the new pit or pit replacement /remediation. It also must impart training on the relevant tools and equipment required to complete the task at hand.

MILCOM – The Institute that Prepares You for a Cabling Technicians Career

Milcom is a reputed telecommunication training institute with training centers located in capital cities across the country. Each training center has state-of-the-art equipment, teaching aids and practical labs.

If you are a technician in the telecom sector or aspiring to be one and not studying in Milcom, you are missing something. Students, trainees, and employers alike have trust and respect for the Milcom brand, a leading telecom training company that delivers a job-ready training course with a 100% practical approach. Milcom trainers come from telecom industry backgrounds having unparalleled knowledge and hands-on experience in the domain.

Milcom’s cabling course also put lots of emphasis on safety procedures and practices while installing the cable in a real-time world. It teaches and trains you about using PPE and securing the area with safety barriers. It also teaches you how you keep pipe and conduits free of impediments – like dirt and other debris – and how to seal them after the job completion.

Milcom’s Coaxial Cabling training – The Salient Features

The coaxial cabling course at Milcom will be covering the complete installation and termination process in coaxial cabling, including the connectors, installation, transmission testing and practical exercises. It also imparts skills and knowledge to the trainees that would apply to existing or new jumpering for upgrades cabling rearrangements for convergence to next-generation networking challenges.

The training upgrades your skills and knowledge required in the field for logical fault-finding techniques according to the standard safety requirement benchmarking. It would also focus on imparting skills to joint metallic, conductor cable on the service provider side in communications applications, including digital and analogue,  data, video, telephony digital broadcasting, computer networks, LANs, wide area networks (WANs) and multimedia. The stated course on coaxial cable and Milcom’s Coaxial Cabling training will be delivered through a classroom training model at selected  MILCOM training centres or at a mutually convenient and suitable location for a sufficiently large group of participants. The professional training course has a one-week duration. If you intend to get yourself admitted to the study

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