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Telecommunication Courses

Telecommunication Courses

With more and more people entering the telecommunication industry, employers will be looking to differentiate between candidates and companies will be looking for well-rounded contractors. One way to stand out is to have more than the minimum requirements for working on a particular project, and a full qualification might be the answer.Milcom Communications offers full Telecommunications courses, with pre-selected electives tailored to specific industry outcomes. Whether you are working inside customer premises, or on the external carrier network, we have an option to suit your needs. There is even an option to combine your Telecommunications and Technical Security training to achieve a Dual-Qualification. These qualifications are ideal for people just starting out in the industry looking to get a well-rounded education, or for those experienced people looking to formalize and improve their skills with a recognized qualification.


Combined Pack for Telecom Civil Work

It is combined package of following: pit and pipe+ cable hauling Combined Gas Test atmospheres & Identify, locate and protect underground services First Aid + CPR Combined control traffic with stop-slow bat & implement traffic management plan Duration:  6 Days Face to Face

Open Registration

The ACMA cabling licence is a nationally recognized training course providing the required skills and knowledge needed for installing and maintaining telecommunications cabling in buildings and premises, meeting the criteria and standards of the Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA) Open Cabler Registration. Key Elements of ACMA Cabling Licence The cabling…

Coaxial Cabling

Coaxial Cabling Endorsement For the aspiring student and cable technician in the trade wanting to make or upskill the career, you need to undergo professional skill development training from specified institutes ( recognized by nbn, Australia ). A formal coaxial cabling course trains you as per the nbn official standards…

Combined Endorsement Pack

Structured cabling Coaxial Cabling Optical fibre cabling Duration and delivery mode: This course will be delivered in 5 face-to-face full day training sessions at one of the MILCOM training centres or at a mutually convenient and suitable location, for a sufficiently large group of participants.

Combined Pit and Pipe and Cable Hauling

The growth of nbn Australia and other private operators has revolutionized the Cable hauling domain and cable hauling equipment industry. The demand for skilled professional workers who understand installing underground infrastructure and associated cabling is on the rise day by day. There will be a massive demand in the times…

FTTC course: NBN eNable Skills 1,2,3,5,16 and 9

This course is designed for telecommunication technicians who are looking to work on nbn Fibre to the curb(FTTC) network. After completing this course telecommunication workers achieve nbn enable skills 1,2 ,3, 5 and 16 (Skill 9 in Victoria Only). This course describes the skills and knowledge required to jumper metallic…

Optical Fibre Hygiene and splicing (NBN Skill 9 & 13)

These units describes the skills and knowledge required to Inspect, clean, splice and terminate optical fibre cable within an optical telecommunications transmission environment for new installations or upgrades of an optical backbone or access network, to achieve greater bandwidth and capacity required by emerging technology convergence for next generation networks…

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