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MILCOM’s Security Courses Melbourne is the Best Technical Security Training Courses in Australia


Security Environment Today

The security environment has become a complex affair in the ongoing global scenario. Contributing to it are the mix of factors ranging from economics, social and irrational thought processes and the behavior of a handful of people. They are present in every society and every country across the world.

People working in commercial offices, industrial zones, government offices, diplomatic missions, public facilities, and residential homes need more vigilance. With a more organized but advanced nature of crimes, conventional security guarding forces are not enough and are not much equipped to prevent unforeseen security crises. They must be supported by a planned technical or security system for a near complete security solution to protect the campus.

Only technical security systems can provide you with real-time monitoring, adequate controls, fast response capabilities, and a much better security sense across entire organizations and their campus. To overcome these challenges, there is a massive requirement for trained manpower well-versed in the various aspects of technical security systems. Because the man behind the machines only matters to initiating appropriate action when the crisis occurs.

MILCOM organises professional specialised security training and courses to support the security system teams of any organisation or individual. MILCOM’s Security Courses Melbourne is recognised by Government and industry alike. Students passing out technical security training courses receive the best job offers in the trade and industry.

MILCOM’s Technical Security Courses Melbourne

Technical security system technicians must be trained professionals and work diligently to deliver a quality security service without faulting. The trade demands accountability and professional skills, knowledge, continuous training and professionalism. Technical security usually encompasses the following areas.

  • Intruder Alarm Systems
  • CCTV Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Remote monitoring of Mission Critical Infrastructure
  • Panic Attack Systems

MILCOM’s Security installers course Melbourne for Security Technicians.

MILCOM’s security installers course trains the security technician in areas of installation, repair and maintenance of a range of security systems like fire alarms and CCTV cameras. The security technician must keep moving from place to place to attend to inquiries from residential households, governmental offices, institutional campuses, and commercial offices. It is usually a field job.

MILCOM’s installer courses equip the technicians with knowledge about various equipment, including electronic and electrical surveillance systems and CCTV. MILCOM trainers impart a complete understanding of simple electronic principles and terminating techniques. While undertaking the courses, MILCOM students also learn about the principles of operation and the functioning of all the components like detectors, controllers, relays, bells, sirens, screamers, and telephone circuits.

MILCOM’s security course Melbourne and Certification

MILCOM’s certification program is a government cum industry-recognised initiative by ASIAL to train security technicians with relevant hands-on experience and create a benchmark for technical security training in Australia.

Australian Security Industry Association Ltd (ASIAL) plays a decisive role in driving Australian security industry Standards. It develops professional codes of conduct and raises professionalism and awareness in the security industry. As the security industry’s spokesperson, ASIAL performs a key role in representing the industry’s interests to government.

Attracting skilled and trained workers is the top priority for Australian employers in the electronic security trade. Employers try hard to retain the best resources to stay ahead of the business and help the company grow.

The Government initiated technology introduction, like the rollout of the National Broadband Network and the emergence of IP-based solutions, driving changes in the conventional skill sets required by security technicians.

The technical certification program covers the following areas of technical security:

  • Cabling practices
  • Alarms
  • CCTV
  • Access control
  • IP networking
  • Cyber security

The ASIAL Security Technician Certification program has three levels of recognition:

  • Level 1 – Certified Security Technician (CST)
  • Level 2 – Advanced Security Technician (AST)
  • Level 3 – Master Security Technician (MST)

MILCOM’s security courses in Melbourne cost

CCTV Installation Course –More About MILCOM’s CCTV Access Control Course

Installing a CCTV system requires a skilled installer and updated subject knowledge. MILCOM extends you the needed training and imparts knowledge to become a qualified CCTV technician. Here are a few essential steps involved in the CCTV installation process, which are as follows.

· Selecting the appropriate CCTV system (as per the customer’s specification)

· Connecting the cameras by using a cable

· Configuring the given project network

· Configuring and connecting the recording device

MILCOM’s vocational course is the best alternative if you want a steady career in CCTV installation. After completing the installation course, a candidate will understand various types of cameras available in the market, hands-on exposure while working coaxial cable, how to set up IP and Network, video recording software and device. The specialised course teaches you about cabling and the latest HD analogue and IP integration techniques.

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MILCOM’s Alarm System Installation Course – More About the course curriculum

MILCOM’s Alarm installer course provides you with the required skills and in-depth knowledge about installing the alarm system, from the sensors to the alarm panel and control pad. You will also have the expertise in maintaining complex alarm systems, including back-to-base monitoring. Alarm installation is a regulated activity in some parts of Australia.

Duration and delivery mode: This course will be delivered in a four full-day classroom training session at one of the MILCOM training centres.

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MILCOM’s well-recognised training programmes on technical security adds a significant value addition to one’s career. MILCOM’s training helps the course participants with the required skills and technical understanding to handle Australia’s changing telecommunications and other industries. It also helps trade technicians to stay ahead in the fast-changing landscape of business, industry and society. Once students pass out from the course, they receive a certificate and licence. To join in industry as a security technician. Call MILCOM on 1300 369 320 or fill out an admission enquiry form via our contact page.

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