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Security Courses

MILCOM Offers Top Of The Line Technical Security Courses

In the current global context, commercial establishments, factories, government offices, diplomatic missions, and public facilities need more vigilance. With more organized but advanced security threats to everyone, the regular physical security ( guarding force) must be supported by a planned technical or technology-driven security system for a more comprehensive security solution to protect your premise […]

telecommunication courses

World Class Telecommunications Training programs for telecommunication technicians

Telecommunications facilitate information exchange at a distance between people, satellites or computers. The present Information Age makes information available to anyone with the technology and the equipment.  Although technology and hardware are essential to pave the transfer of information, telecom infrastructure plays a significant role alongside the telecom professional ( including telecom engineers, IT professionals, […]

work safety at heights

MILCOM’s Working at Heights Course Keep You Safe

What is Working at Height? Working at height is a type of work where a mishap could happen if the worker (working at height) a person could fall and injure themselves. A ladder, a roof’s edge, an opening on the floor, and even a loading dock are typical examples of working at height. A standard […]

ASIAL Security Technician Certification Program

ASIAL Security Technician Certification Program

Security Technician- Profession, Function &Responsibility The primary job function of a security technician typically includes installation, repair and maintenance of a range of technical security systems like fire alarms and CCTV cameras. It is usually a field job. The security technician keeps moving from place to place to attend to customers’ inquiries, which can come […]


Training Telecommunication Technicians to work on NBN Fibre to the curb (FTTC) network

Back Ground NBN  ( National Broadband Network) Australia has already decided to upgrade parts of its fibre-to-the-curb (FTTC) footprint to full-fibre, despite the technology is considered to be gigabit-capable. A comprehensive plan  to make “full-fibre upgrades  available  on-demand to eligible customers living or working in premises currently served by FTTC.” The 288 locations across the […]

Combined Pit & Pipe And Cable Hauling Pack

The Combined Pit and Pipe and Cable Hauling Pack are specially designed for the students who want to learn each and everything related to install telecommunication conduits and pits. As soon as you will complete this course you will get to learn about installing and recover of cables, customer lead-ins and haul underground cable, installation […]

nbn courses

7 Jobs you Could Land as a Registered ACMA Cabler

The Australian Communications and Media Authority is a government body that overlooks our telecommunications industries, providing support, governance and information. This includes telephone connections, data lines, fire and security systems and the National Broadband Network (NBN). For those looking for work in these industries as a cabler or installer, registration with the ACMA is mandatory. […]

coaxial cable

Are There Different Types of Coaxial Cables?

Coaxial cables have been a popular product used to transmit radio and video signals since way back at the beginning of the 20th century. Espenschied and Affel filed the patent for coaxial cable in 1929, which was granted in 1931. They have been used to transmit data for a range of purposes ever since.   […]