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What is NBN enAble™ and how can it help advance your career?

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The NBN continues to be big news in Australia. The rollout map has been in and out of the news, so much so that it is easy to think it all ends when the network is finally fully installed. In fact, the rollout is just the first step in providing fast internet to more Australians around the country.


The rollout is still predicted to be complete by 2020 but the continued maintenance and upgrades will keep the industry moving for a long time. Technology never stops and the infrastructure will need to be repaired and replaced at different times, which means qualified, skills technicians are going to be even more important to maintain the network.


NBN enAble™ has been designed to provide up-to-date information about people working on NBN-related projects. Regardless of your job – construction, activation, operation or maintenance – enAble™ portal stores your skills and experience, qualifications and accreditations, and provides basic NBN training to make sure you are in line with industry best practice.

Looking past the NBN roll-out phase and into the future

As new innovations are introduced and new ideas are embraced, the NBN infrastructure will undoubtedly develop and evolve. Being registered with enAble™ and having your accreditations stored centrally makes it simple for NBN Co. to ensure all workers have the right skills to work safely and effectively, regardless of their role. They can be sure that you have all the latest insights and knowledge to adhere to best practices of safety and efficiency.

The benefits of registering with enAble

Being a part of enAble™ offers a number of benefits, too. Registration provides increased visibility of your vital skills and experience, ensuring you are in step with the industry. You’ll have access to all the latest training materials and support to help you maintain and improve your abilities, but chiefly the accreditation of NBN Co. demonstrates that you meet the requirements of the field.


These elements are all important for people who are currently training or thinking about training to work with NBN Co. In a competitive employment market, the accreditation of a trusted industry name can be crucial. It helps ensure that you have the skills and training required, that you are part of a high-quality professional network, and shows that your knowledge will be up-to-date.


Being part of the enAble™ network ensures that, as you gain experience and learn new things, you can check that you are in line with industry standards. It becomes your source of information, right from NBN Co, and an accreditation you carry with you across the industry and to all delivery partners and subcontractors.

Get started on the path to becoming a registered cabler

If you want to be a cabler, then it’s only a matter of just taking the first step. Milcom offers training that can help you start your career as a cabler and work in telecommunications industry or on the NBN project directly. With multiple training centers across major cities all over Australia, we provide practical direction that sets you up for success.

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