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NBN enAble Accreditation

NBN enAble

What is enAbleTM?

enAbleTM is an accreditation portal for all workers involved in construction, activation, operation or maintenance on the nbnTM network. enAbleTM stores worker skills and competencies, hosts online training materials, and provides up-to-date information about nbn accreditation.

How do I become accredited?

Workers need to follow the steps below in order to become accredited.

For more information please visit enAble Website

How can I achieve technical skill accreditations?

MILCOM is nbn approved training provider and offers range of training courses for the different tasks e.g. Copper linesworker, Copper Jointer, HFC technician.

Please visit MILCOM website or talk to one of the Milcom representative for more information 1300 369 320 

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