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7 Jobs you Could Land as a Registered ACMA Cabler

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The Australian Communications and Media Authority is a government body that overlooks our telecommunications industries, providing support, governance and information. This includes telephone connections, data lines, fire and security systems and the National Broadband Network (NBN).

For those looking for work in these industries as a cabler or installer, registration with the ACMA is mandatory. You will be required to undertake training modules to ensure that you are competent and have the proper safety skills on hand.

Some of the jobs that you can get when you become registered with ACMA include:

  • Installing communications cabling in new houses and offices: New standalone houses, housing estates and apartment and unit complexes all need data and telecommunications cabling installed. This allows new residents to connect as soon as they move in.
  • Installing NBN and telecommunications architecture: The rollout of the NBN continues at a rapid pace with cable installers required in most parts of Australia. It is a great way to get to work immediately & ACMA registration will get you there.
  • Rewiring cabling and sockets for renovations: Many Australians purchase older homes with the ambition to renovate them for modern lifestyle or to improve the value. These renovations will require older telecommunications cabling and sockets to be replaced to meet modern compliance standards.
  • Installing monitored security systems or fire alarms: This technology has advanced over the years, with security systems now boasting advanced HD cameras, recording devices and remote connection and monitoring through mobile devices. Becoming skilled in this industry opens the door to plenty of work opportunities, both installing new systems and upgrading outdated setups.
  • Installing data cabling for computer networks: While many businesses will house their information and sometimes their office systems in the cloud, they still require all computers and other devices to be connected through a local area network (LAN). A certified cable installer is the key professional for navigating these contexts. These LANs will need to connect computers, telecommunications equipment and mobile devices as well.
  • Pay television installer: Connecting antennas, coaxial cables and sockets is all part of the role of a pay television installer.
  • AV installer: Home and business AV setups are becoming more advanced by the day and often require the need for a certified installer to set up. This includes entertainment options as well as conference and boardroom AV installations for business.

Become ACMA registered and ready to work through Milcom

Milcom Communications is a registered training organisation with a range of courses you can take to become accredited, registered through ACMA and ready to work.

We have telecommunication courses for those looking to become contractors. We also provide technical security programs to give you all the skills required to connect, install, repair or maintain telecommunications equipment. If you’re looking to head into the NBN field, we also have plenty of options available towards preparing you in installing architecture across the industry.

Contact us on 1300 369 320 to learn more.

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