Don't Forget Your Endorsements for Combined Various Cable Installation

Don’t Forget Your Endorsements…

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Many cablers have complied with the ACMA requirement to add Endorsements to their Open Registration for the various types of cable, but as a not-so-gentle reminder it’s important to remember that without the Endorsements, you’re not covered for installation of Structured Cable, Coaxial Cable or Fibre Optic Cable and there are substantial penalties that may apply for any illegal installation work.

Fortunately, Milcom offers these in a handy package which allows for completion in only 4 days of training and for $950! If you’re unable to get away during the day, keep an eye out for our after-hours programs which allow you to complete this in the evenings.

If you can’t find a date or time to suit you, you can alwayys call us to register your interest for any upcoming courses. Call our Training Hotline on 1300 369 320 from 8am-5pm Mon-Fri to discuss your training options.

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