Ian Millner

Ian Millner
Milcom Communications


Ian Millner has over 30 years experience in business, telecommunications, information technology and vocational training.

Ian established Milcom Communications Pty Ltd in 1991, and sold it to Service Stream in 2006. Since leaving Milcom, Ian has been consulting in the area of business development across a range of industry sectors including telecommunications, security, vocational training. Ian’s focus has been in business innovation and has conducted transformational innovation workshops for quite a wide range of enterprises from small not for profit (Northside Enterprise), industry associations (ICAA) to large institutions (BNIT) and global companies (Sumitomo). Ian has continued to work with the telecommunications sector representing ICAA in a range of committees dealing with training and technical standards. Ian is excited to once more make a contribution to the industry as a member of the Milcom Institute.

Ian has a Bachelor of Art with a Major in Statistics from Macquarie University

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