Supporting local artists at Milcom! - Milcom

Supporting local artists at Milcom!

Milcom Communications

To liven up our newly refurbished office space in Granville, we wanted to signify our move to a company that likes to mix things up a bit. Unfortunately none of us posess the artistic talent to paint anything more detailed than a polar bear in a snowstorm, so we decided to get some help. We contacted the guys at Blackbook Ink here in Sydney, and they were extremely helpful and professional. You can tell when someone is passionate as soon as you talk to them, and when talking with Andy and Brode it definitely comes across!

When you combine this passion with talent, you get something remarkable and this is what you get from Blackbook Ink. We’d highly recommend anyone looking to do something a little different to contact these guys to see what they can do for you. Sorry to start sounding like an advert, but it’s easy to do when you’ve been as impressed as we have been. Anyway, we love our new wall art and hope we can collaborate again soon. Black Book Ink

We can’t help you to learn how to paint like Andy or Brode, but we can help with your Telecommunications training – call our Training Hotline today to find out how we can get your training needs sorted!

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