Studying at Milcom: Your Gateway to the Telecom industry

Studying at Milcom: Your gateway to the telecommunications industry

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Milcom is a Registered Training Organisation with state-of-the-art facilities positioned in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Renowned for being Australia’s premier telecommunications training institution, Milcom is considered a specialist provider for the industry on a national level.


With a growing list of courses pertaining to the field, we have been providing top-tier courses for over 20 years, building a reputation for offering the most advanced training program to the industry.

Exploring the benefits of studying at Milcom

For individuals entering the telecommunications industry – as well as current professionals in the workforce – Milcom is the perfect institution to learn all the tricks of the trade. This includes various opportunities for upskilling, providing a highly practical, hands-on approach to industry training.


Utilising advanced training methods and innovative equipment, Milcom has a long standing reputation for offering our valued trainees with essential knowledge and skillsets required in the telecommunications industry.


Our highly skilled and experienced trainers are industry experts with an up-to-date, wealth of knowledge on hand to equip students with critical skills. These then allow trainees to enter the workforce with essential skills and experience in their repertoire.


Studying at Milcom also means you’re given the benefit of practicing new skills in simulated workplace environments. Trainees and current industry professionals can access all the insights required to be a valuable, successful member of the telecommunications field in Australia.

What courses do we offer?

Milcom is renowned for providing a wide range of courses centered around the telecommunications industry. Choose from five primary areas of study, including:


Telecommunications: The industry is continuing to expand in Australia, and with more and more prospective employees looking for work in this field, it’s essential to have a leg up when applying for positions. A Milcom qualification can provide you with just that, with tailored electives selected by the trainee, all relevant to their direct interests in the industry.

Technical Security: Technical security system installers must hold detailed knowledge of the range of technology and equipment available (both nationally and internationally). Milcom’s courses focus on the proper installation of surveillance technology for both homes and businesses, providing the trainee with an advanced understanding of innovations and techniques in this area.

Voice & Data: With data becoming an integral part of Australia’s future, there is plenty of positions opening that require advanced comprehension. Milcom’s courses prepare you for positions in this field, giving you a complete understanding of each aspect.

Safety Courses: Milcom provides thorough training courses centered around safety in the telecommunications and technical security industries. Safety is of the utmost importance in these two tech-based fields, and Milcom’s solutions equip trainees with the knowledge to provide safety awareness on a worksite.


Looking to upskill? Check out Milcom’s available courses or get in touch to see how we can help you stand out in the telecommunications space.

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