Pit & Pipe and Cable Hauling Courses with MILCOM Institute

Upskilling towards Pit, Pipe and Cable Hauling with Milcom


The growth of NBN Co and efforts to install the high-speed internet to every Australian household has opened up a raft of opportunities for installers. But beyond the basics, there are multiple versions of the NBN being rolled out, including copper, fibre and coaxial variations. Each of these requires different techniques and cabling installation methods. This growth also includes installations in private networks, creating a raft of new positions for certified installers.

Pit, Pipe and Cable Hauling involves the foundation of these technologies and the accreditations form part of nbn Athena project. It is intended for cablers who want to upskill/cross skill and  look to expand themselves in Telecommunication civil work , in line with the latest technology.

This career path is a great way to quickly upskill and become a pit and pipe installer in a significant growth industry. So what can you expect?

Understanding Pit, Pipe and Cable Hauling requirements

The Pit, Pipe and Cable Hauling combined package will teach you all of the official standards required to for doing work related to Pits and underground cabling.

This includes the relevant information on how to prepare, conduct and complete sites regarding installation of new pit or pit replacement /remediation . You will receive training on the tools and equipment required to complete the task at hand.

The course also focuses on safety practices –including use of PPE, securing pit sites with safety barriers, and the requirements you will need to be aware of while working in live environments. Through this, you will also learn how to ensure pipe and conduits are kept free of impediments – like dirt and other debris – and how to seal them effectively.

All of the cable hauling and installing methods are included in the Pit, Pipe and Cable Hauling course to ensure the job is completed to the efficient and safest possible methods.

The main benefit of the Pit, Pipe and Cable Hauling combined course is that it provides an all-inclusive learning session on all facets of NBN civil work preparation and installation. For those looking to tap into the high volume of jobs available in this field, this path is an advantageous one. It provides accreditation and access to a highly influential workforce.

All training adheres to industry, safety and workplace standards and the Pit, Pipe and Cable Hauling course includes all of the theory and skills for the array of cabling methods. It’s currently available across Victoria, NSW and QLD, and features four levels of competency:

  1. Haul underground cable
  2. Construct underground telecommunications infrastructure
  3. Installing underground enclosures and conduit and;
  4. Connecting underground wires.

The course is delivered at Milcom training centres, as well as several other locations, and can be arranged for large groups of participants.

Ready to upskill in this field? Gain crucial new skills with Milcom. Enrol now by calling 1300 369 320.

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