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Career Opportunity for Professionals completing the Technical Security Courses

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The average security technician salary in Australia is $85,000 per year or $43.59 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $69,000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $103,502 per year. It may not sound great like AI or big data or investment banking career; it is not bad either. Especially when the world economy is in a struggling mode for the past one and a half year from the worst pandemic ( COVID 19)  of our lifetime and trying its best to limping back to normalcy.

Technical Security Courses that include CCTV installation programme and Alarm Installation programme are in high demand in Australia because of the rise in security threat and rapid growth of industry and commerce.

 Unlike the physical security providers (like guarding service), a technical security system provides a much more effective vigilance 24 X7. And the professionals trained in security system play a significant role in managing the technical security system within the premise, public area, vital places like airport, government, defence and homeland security establishment.

Career Prospects in System Installation

Security systems professionals look after the fitting, installation and service of electronic systems to detect intruders and control access to buildings or project sites. They also install alarms in houses and business premises. The day to day function of a Security systems installers includes the following areas, and someone who completed a formal training from a reputed registered training organization like MILCOM Institute, preferred in the trade because of their knowledge, training and understanding of technical security space.

KRA of Security Installer

  • Discuss  the security plans with the client
  • carry out surveys and work out where to place onsite security devices
  • Install  the security systems and connect them to control panels by WiFi, fibre optic cables
  • Test the installed systems and train the customers how to operate the system
  • check and service the existing installation
  • respond to call-outs to repair faulty systems
  • Work includes fitting systems, such as closed-circuit television (CCTV), building access controls, fire and intruder alarms, and other electronic surveillance equipment.

Australian Economy: The Focus is on Technology Now

The country’s economy has always been rock solid. For every growing economy in the world, the technology landscapes constantly develop further and get modernized. The government, industry, and the business world always on the lookout for talented professionals having competence, formal training and understanding of technology and technical security to counter every possible threat perception ( safety and security) effectively all the time.

An aspiring Security installer can undertake the training in any of MILCOM’s program covering CCTV installation programme, Alarm Installation programme and move ahead in their career path. MILCOM’S technical security  training is a stepping stone in the journey to becoming a reputable security installer .

MILCOM’s Security Installer Course

MILCOM’s technical security program focuses on installing commercial and residential segment equipment covering a wide range of security systems and technologies, from stand-alone alarm systems to fully integrated access control and IP CCTV. In addition, MILCOM  offers accredited training courses that will help you on your way to a career in the industry by extending you a solid platform. We also provide comprehensive training and certification to update your knowledge and skills and combine this with Telecommunications training to achieve a Dual-Qualification. MILCOM’s training programs facilitate the students with skills and knowledge to handle Australia’s changing telecommunications and technology industries. They also receive a license for installing hi-grade technologies and comes very handy to the people aspiring to become an independent entrepreneur in the technical security trade.

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