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Coaxial Cabling

Coaxial Cabling Endorsement For the aspiring student and cable technician in the trade wanting to make or upskill the career, you need to undergo professional skill development training from specified institutes ( recognized by nbn, Australia ). A formal coaxial cabling course trains you as per the nbn official standards…

Optical Fibre Hygiene and splicing (NBN Skill 9 & 13)

These units describes the skills and knowledge required to Inspect, clean, splice and terminate optical fibre cable within an optical telecommunications transmission environment for new installations or upgrades of an optical backbone or access network, to achieve greater bandwidth and capacity required by emerging technology convergence for next generation networks…

Optical Fibre Cabling

Optical fibre cable (popular in the trade as fibre optic cable) is long but thin strands( diameter of less than a human hair). We arrange them in bundles called optical cables, widely used today to transmit light signals over long distances. It acts as a transmission medium ( in pipe…