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Student Welfare and Student Support

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Our Courses:

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Under the current compliance system, institutions are required to support international students in adjusting to study and life in Australia, as well as achieving their learning goals and attaining the learning outcomes of their course.

MILCOM provides a range of student support services to all its clients in order to assist and support the successful achievement of their learning outcomes.
Dedicated administrative support staffs ensure that students have access to all the required services, counselling and referrals.

In addition, MILCOM has appointed a full-time, on-site student welfare officer to provide student welfare related services including (but not limited to) accommodation, counselling, crisis services, disabilities and equity issues, financial matters, legal issues, medical issues, mental health, peer mentoring, programmes promoting social interaction, religious and spiritual matters, and stress-management.

The environment in which a student learns as well as the learning support a student receives is very important to Milcom Institute. Consequently, Milcom Institute provides a safe environment for students in which there is no risk to their health, safety and security as well as providing a range of services that support student learning and their general welfare.

Our environment

The following guidelines designed to protect students are adopted by the Institute and its staff members –

Student services

Students are supported in their endeavours with both learning and welfare support services. These support services are managed by a Student Welfare Officer who acts as a contact person for students.

Academic support services

Student learning is encouraged and supported by –

Welfare support services

The environment for students is supported by the following services arranged by the Student Welfare Officer –

Students with Disability

MILCOM acknowledges the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and the Disability Standards for Education 2005, and its obligation as an education and training provider to support the rights of students with disability to participate in educational courses and programs on the same basis as students without disability.

Students who wish to apply for adjustments to training or assessment methods on the basis of a disability should contact National Manager and bring supporting documents for consideration of disability (e.g. a letter from a treating professional).

Students with disabilities are subject to the standard rules and policy on assessment and teaching methods, and assessment is only varied where a student can demonstrate with appropriate documentation that he/she is disadvantaged as a result of disability.

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Who we’ve worked with

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