CHC50121 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

CRICOS Course Code: 108911H


Total Duration: 52 Weeks


Study Weeks: 44 Weeks


Break: 8 Weeks (breaks to be utilised to complete mandatory work placement)


Work Placement: 280 hours (in 4 blocks)


Entry requirements:


Entry to this qualification is open to individuals who:


In addition to above, the intended learners are also required to demonstrate that they

Work Placement:


As part of this course, students will also be required to undertake practical placement for a minimum of 280 hours. During this placement, learners will be involved in all aspects of a childcare centre and will work under the supervision of a qualified employee of the childcare centre. The trainer will contact the student and the workplace supervisor from time to time (as agreed in the work placement agreement) to check progress. Students cannot progress into the practical work placement of the course until they have successfully completed all assessment requirements for the theoretical component and have demonstrated appropriate skills required for practical work placement.


Work placement will occur in 4 blocks. First block of work placement of 40 hours at the end of term 2, while second block of work placement of 80 hours upon completion of term 4, third block of work placement of 80 hours upon completion of term 5 and last block of work placement of 80 hours upon completion of term 6. Students are required to satisfactorily complete allocated hours of work placement each week or hours as negotiated with the host employer, but prior to commencement of next block of work placement. If, for any reasonable circumstances including government restrictions (including covid-19 restrictions), student is unable to complete their previous block of work placement within allocated time, they may continue their placement in subsequent term with the hours negotiated with host employer but must complete their previous block of work placement before commencement of next work placement block. Students who have not successfully completed their previous block of work placement, will not be allowed to commence the subsequent block of work placement.


Milcom Institute will assist the learner in finding the suitable workplace. Milcom Institute will liaise with the workplace to ensure that the participant is suitably supervised at the centre. During the practical placement, the learner will be assessed in the practical skills. The work placement will be unpaid (however can be negotiated) and the daily working hours will be negotiated between students and the centre.


The time spent by the student in work placement in this course is critical to ensure that the student participates in regular work over the course duration. This is necessary to allow for a workplace context in the assessment and workplace observation which is a requirement for every unit. All students are required to maintain a work placement logbook to record their worked hours and the age groups care was provided for.


Student who are already working in the early childhood sector as an educator in approved centre-based care are encouraged to use their existing workplace to complete these practical placement hours providing it meets the requirement’s necessary to conduct assessment. Students who are not already working in early childhood may nominate an accredited early childhood education and care service for their practical placement. Milcom Institute can assist students who need to find a work placement using its network in the early childhood sector.


It is a requirement that students must obtain a negative covid-19 test result, Working with Children Check and National Police Check certificate with no past or current criminal record. These are to be provided by students at their own cost. Workplaces and learners will be required to enter into an agreement with Milcom Institute which will clearly identify the rights and obligations of all parties.


Students are required to submit their covid-19 test results to Milcom Institute prior commencement of their work placement.


Unit Unit name Hours Weeks
CHCECE041 Maintain a safe and healthy environment for children 60 3
CHCECE042 Foster holistic early childhood learning, development and wellbeing 100 5
CHCECE050 Work in partnerships with children’s families 60 3
Work Placement – Block 1 (40 hours) – 1 Week
Term 2
BSBTWK502 Manage team effectiveness 40 2
CHCECE047 Analyse information to inform children’s learning 120 6
CHCECE048 Plan and implement children’s education and care curriculum
CHCECE043 Nurture creativity on children
CHCECE047 Analyse information to inform children’s learning 60 3
CHCECE048 Plan and implement children’s education and care curriculum
CHCECE043 Nurture creativity on children
Term 3
Work Placement – Block 1 (80 hours) – 2 Weeks
CHCECE046 Implement strategies for the inclusion of all children 100 5
CHCECE045 Foster positive and respectful interactions and behaviour in children
CHCECE044 Facilitate compliance in an education and care service 120 6
CHCECE049 Embed environmental responsibility in service operations
CHCECE053 Respond grievance and complaints about the service
Term 4
Work Placement – Block 2 (80 hours) – 2 Weeks
CHCPRP003 Reflect on and improve own professional practice 60 3
CHCECE051 Promote equity in access to the service 60 3
CHCECE052 Plan service and supports for children and families 60 3
Work Placement – Block 2 (80 hours) – 2 Weeks



Please note Milcom Institute reserves the right to adjust fees annually. This change will not change arrangements made with students but may affect new enrolments. Students can verify the costs in the Letter of Offer or the administrative staff for any related concern.


Extra costs: The student may be incurred when requesting extra services as Photocopying service, credit card payment surcharges, penalties for delayed payments, bank surcharges, re-issue of certificates or statement of attainment, also in special cases like when a student is unsuccessful in a level, extra costs may incur.

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