Tasmania Funding

MILCOM is an approved provided to deliver subsidised training for Tasmanian apprentices and trainees. Contact us on 1300 369 320 or Email us on training@milcom.edu.au for more information.

Incentives and subsidies for apprentices, trainees and their employers

Incentives and subsidies are available to apprentices, trainees and their employers. These are provided by both the State Government and the Australian Government, as well as other organisations, details of which are listed below:

Apprentice/trainee travel and accommodation allowances

Skills Tasmania provides travel and accommodation allowances to assist apprentices and trainees who are required to travel to attend off-the-job training either within Tasmania or interstate.

Australian Government incentives

Incentives are available from the Australian Government to assist employers to employ and support apprentices and trainees. Incentives are also available to trainees and apprentices to help support their training. As well as standard apprenticeship / traineeship commencement and completion incentives, apprentices/trainees can benefit from programs such as Living Away from Home Allowance and Trade Support Loans. Additional assistance is also provided for, amongst others, apprentices/trainees with a disability, existing employees and adult apprentices/trainees. For further information visit the Australian Government’s Australian Apprenticeships website. Otherwise, your local Apprenticeship Network Provider should be able to provide you with any advice regarding incentives as well eligibility requirements.

For more information please visit http://www.skills.tas.gov.au/apprenticeshipstraineeships/incentives

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