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Govt Funded Telecommunications Training & Courses
Ashish Chadha - Milcom
Suresh Jindal - Milcom
Ian Millner - Milcom
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MILCOM – Specialist Telecommunications Training Provider
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Blog - Milcom
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Blog - Milcom
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Blog - Milcom
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Advisory Board Members - Telecommunications Courses - MILCOM
carrier-network-starter-pack/ 1 pages
Carrier Network Starter Pack – MILCOM Communications
code-of-behaviour/ 1 pages
Code of Behaviour - Milcom
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Commitment to Education - Milcom
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MILCOM ­ Training Locations
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MILCOM ­ Courses Information
course-detail/ 20 pages
Structured Cabling Course
Coax Cabling Course
Optical Fibre Cabling (CPR Endorsement) Course
Cable Hauling Course (Meet Telstra Standards)
Pit & Pipe Course (Meet Telstra Standards)
Open Registration Blended Course
Open Registration Cablers License Course
Aerial Cabling Endorsement Course
Underground Cabling Endorsement Course
KNX Basic Accreditation Training
Installation and Maintenance Course (Basic)
Installation and Maintenance Course - Advanced
Power Awareness Course
CCTV Installer Course
Alarm Installation Course
MILCOM - Perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Course (CPR)
Certified CPR Training | CPR Training
First Aid Course & Certification | First Aid Certificate
qualification-details/ 23 pages
Certificate II in Technical Security
Certificate III in Technical Security | Technical Security Training
Certificate II in Telecommunications | Certificate 2 in Telecommunications
Certificate II in Telecommunications Cabling | Certificate 2 Telecom Cabling
Certificate III in Telecommunications | Telecommunication Courses
Certificate III in Telecommunications Cabling | Certificate 3 in Telecom
Certificate III in Business
Certificate IV in Project Management Practice
Certificate IV in Leadership and Management
Diploma of Business | MILCOM qualification course
Diploma of Project Management | MILCOM qualification course
Advanced Diploma of Business | MILCOM qualification course
Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management
Certificate I in Spoken and Written English
Certificate II in Spoken and Written English
Certificate III in Spoken and Written English
customer-premises-cabling-pack/ 1 pages
Customer Premises Cabling Pack - MILCOM Communications
dont-forget-your-endorsements/ 1 pages
Don't forget your endorsements... - Milcom
endorsement-pack/ 1 pages
Coaxial Cabling | Structured Cabling Endorsement Course | Fibre Optic Training
environmentally-sustainable-elearning-course/ 1 pages
Environmentally Sustainable eLearning Course - Milcom
getting-started/ 1 pages
Before you start - Milcom
government-funding/ 1 pages
MILCOM ­ Government Funding
introducing-our-new-website-design/ 1 pages
Introducing our new website design - Milcom
isk-2015/ 1 pages
ISK 2015 - Milcom
knx-certified/ 1 pages
Become KNX certified! Enrolments now open! - Milcom
learner-support/ 1 pages
Learner Support - Milcom
learning-with-milcom/ 1 pages
Learning with Milcom - Milcom
milcom-package-deals-are-here-to-help/ 1 pages
Milcom Package Deals are here to help! - Milcom
milcom-vic-sf-2017-tuition-fee-schedule-v1-2017/ 1 pages
MILCOM VIC SF 2017 Tuition Fee Schedule v1-2017 - Milcom
new-multi-course-package-deals/ 1 pages
New Multi-Course Package Deals - Milcom
new-safety-courses/ 1 pages
NEW First Aid & CPR Courses - Milcom
our-new-granville-premises/ 1 pages
Our new Granville premises! - Milcom
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Our new logo! - Milcom
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Open Cabling Registration | Structured Cabling | Coaxial Cabling Course
policies/ 1 pages
Policies - Milcom
qualifications/ 1 pages
Telecommunications Certifications | Telecommunications Qualifications
safety-courses/ 1 pages
Safety Awareness Course & Training | First Aid Course & CPR Training
short-courses/ 1 pages
Telecommunications Short Courses | Short Courses in Telecommunications
supporting-local-artists-at-milcom/ 1 pages
Supporting local artists at Milcom! - Milcom
technical-security-courses/ 1 pages
Technical Security Courses - CCTV & Alarm installation | CCTV Operator
telecommunications-courses/ 1 pages
Telecommunications Courses | Telecommunications Cabling Courses
the-grass-is-greener-at-milcom/ 1 pages
The grass is greener at Milcom! - Milcom
traineeship-opportunity/ 1 pages
Traineeship Opportunity - Milcom
training-locations/ 1 pages
Training locations - Milcom
training_with_us/ 1 pages
Training with Us - Milcom
underground-cabling-endorsement/ 1 pages
Cable Hauling and Pit & Pipe Course | Underground Cabling Endorsement
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We're hiring! - Milcom
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