Qualification Details

10364NAT Certificate III in Spoken and Written English

The Course in Certificates I-IV in Spoken and Written English provide a general education framework in English as an additional language (EAL) for learners to develop English language and literacy skills and optional numeracy skills to undertake further education and training, seek and maintain employment and participate in the general community.

Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to

  • Contribute to the formal learning environment
  • Demonstrate capacity for independent learning
  • Demonstrate understanding of a casual conversation with topic changes
  • Participate in a casual conversation with topic changes
  • Demonstrate understanding of a complex spoken exchange
  • Negotiate a complex spoken exchange
  • Demonstrate understanding of a spoken presentation
  • Deliver a short spoken presentation
  • Demonstrate understanding of a spoken discussion
  • Participate in a discussion
  • Write a formal letter/email
  • Complete a complex formatted text
  • Demonstrate understanding of a complex written information text
  • Write a report
  • Critically read a discussion
  • Write a discussion
  • Critically read an exposition
  • Write an exposition

Units of Competency

After completion of this course and all assessments, you will be issued with the Nationally Recognised Qualification 10364NAT Certificate II in Spoken and Written English. For successful completion of this course, you need to complete and demonstrate competency in nine units of competency:

  • SWELRN301A Advanced learning strategies
  • SWECON302A Comprehending and participating in casual conversations
  • SWEEXC303A Comprehending and negotiating complex exchanges
  • SWEPRE305A Comprehending and conducting presentations
  • SWEDIS306A Comprehending and participating in discussions
  • SWECOR307A Composing formal correspondence and completing formatted texts
  • SWEINF308A Comprehending and composing complex information texts
  • SWEDSN301A Comprehending and composing discussions
  • SWEEXP311A Comprehending and composing expositions

Course Duration and Delivery Method

This qualification is delivered face-to-face at the MILCOM training centre over 12 months (not including holiday breaks). Learners will work through course material with a trainer and complete assessments during class and during non-class allocated time. Classes may be scheduled at alternative, mutually convenient and suitable locations and can be contextualised for a sufficiently large groups of participants.

Expression of Interest

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