ICTSS00095 Fibre Splicer Skill Set


Fibre Splicer Skill Set

This skill set addresses the skills and knowledge required to splice telecommunications fibre.
This course is suitable for telecommunication workers who are looking skills and knowledge to Perform handling, cleaning, splicing and terminating of fibre telecommunications cables installed in underground pipes, trenches and overhead systems. It also includes Tests and repairs live fibre
This course is designed for telecommunication technicians who are looking to work on nbn Fibre network. After completing this course telecommunication workers achieve nbn enable skills 9, 12 and 13. It also meet the requirements for NBN skill Set "Telecommunications Fibre Splicer"

Targeted Audience

This skill set is for entry level telecommunications workers.

NOTE:  MILCOM is an approved provider under the Skills First which is available for eligible residents in Victoria. If you are eligible the government will contribute to the cost of training. To check if you are eligible for Skills First Funding for this skills set please call us on 1300 369 320 or E-mail us on training@milcom.edu.au

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • splice, terminate and test optical fibre cable
  • install a pigtail that is fusion spliced to cable fibre
  • inspect and clean optical connectors
  • use optical power test equipment
  • use optical power test equipment
  • evaluate test results
  • safely connect input and output optical fibres to the splitter
  • conduct live tests measuring optical signals at three wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) wavelengths on optical devices
  • conduct acceptance tests for commissioning that covers delay, dispersion, optical attenuation and loss measurements, optical power levels and phase
  • correctly install splitter in the enclosure
  • connect input and out optical fibres to the splitter
  • test optical splitter
  • prepare cable for mid-span splicing – strip and coil
  • prepare cable for butt end splicing – strip and coil
  • Install and splice ribbon cable in underground enclosures
  • Conduct optical measurements
  • inspect fibre connectors
  • clean connectors


  • ICTBWN302 Install optical fibre splitters in fibre distribution hubs
  • ICTBWN308 Work safely on live optical fibre installations
  • ICTBWN307 Use optical measuring instruments
  • ICTWHS204 Follow work health and safety and environmental policy and procedures
  • ICTCBL316 Install ribbon fibre cable in the FTTX distribution network
  • ICTCBL330 Splice and terminate optical fibre cable for telecommunications projects
  • ICTTEN318 Inspect, clean and handle optical fibre cable and connectors

Learning Methods

Duration: 10 days


Course Location Cost Date
Fibre Splicer Skill Set VIC - Clayton $2,500.00 31 March 2022