NBN-01 2021 Cable Jointer - Copper (meets NBN requirements)


Cable Jointer - Copper (meets NBN requirements)

Cable Jointer - Copper Course | Cable Jointer - Copper Training : Milcom

Cable Jointer – Copper: Joints‚ terminates and repairs copper telecommunications cables installed in underground conduits, trenches and overhead systems (external plant). This includes jointing and joint rehabilitation of <=200 pair cables, migration of existing service and removal of basic pair gains systems, pillar upgrade including remediation and augmentation, removal of bridge taps and transfers of copper pair (pillar to joint). This skill set addresses the skills and knowledge required to joint copper telecommunications cable. Each unit of competency includes relevant work, health and safety awareness training. Other health, safety and environment requirements, relevant to the role specified in this skill set, may be stipulated as part of workplace requirements.

Once complete the student can gain accreditation on NBN’s enable for skills 2,3,4,5,6,7

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify distribution cables – screened and unscreened
  • Identify rotational and connected pairs
  • Identify colour codes – current and obsolete
  • Undertake plan reading
  • Undertake cable jointing – screened and unscreened
  • Identify obsolete joint enclosures
  • Joint cable with appropriate connectors and according to specifications (butt and inline connectors)
  • Identify and use basic test instruments
  • Identify cross connecting units
  • Identify untailed terminal boxes
  • Preparing, entering and sealing new cables to large size joint enclosures
  • Using jointing machines and jigs for jointing
  • Seal the CAN (all joint types) and restoring alarms
  • Undertake hands-on practical assessment
  • Run jumpers and cutover services
  • Test cable, rectify faults, record results and action taken
  • Identify and rectify recurrent faults
  • Comply with all related health and safety requirements


  • ICTCBL254 - Joint metallic conductor cable in access network
  • ICTTEN312 - Install telecommunications network equipment
  • ICTTEN313 - Work on and resolve recurrent network faults
  • ICTCBL326 - Cut over metallic conductor cable in the access network
  • ICTCBL336 - Install and cut over metallic conductor cable to access network cabinet
  • ICTCBL319 Rearrange large size copper cable

Learning Methods

This course will be delivered in 10 full day face-to-face training sessions in one of the MILCOM training centres or at a mutually convenient and suitable location‚ for a sufficiently large group of participants.