ICTTEN201-U Use electrical skills in telecommunications work


Use electrical skills in telecommunications work

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required for an entry- level worker to use electrical skills, working with analog and digital, cabling and wireless networking in telecommunications.
It applies to individuals who undertake basic testing, circuit building, and evaluation of cable and wireless devices, and who may work in domestic, commercial or industrial situations.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • describe principles of AC and DC electricity and how it impacts telecommunications work including:
  • AC and DC electrical SI units of measurement
  • work health and safety (WHS) issues
  • Ohm’s law and other relevant calculations
  • circuit configuration
  • identify and describe common AC and DC faults, fault finding techniques and use of testing equipment
  • explain application of binary to decimal conversion and vice versa
  • describe principles of analog and digital electronics and building blocks common to analog and digital circuits
  • explain the distinction between analog and digital signals and devices
  • explain encoding techniques and their application in wired, wireless and optical communications systems
  • outline features and applications of unshielded twisted pair (UTP), coaxial and fibre cables
  • list typical electronic devices, cable types and their applications
  • explain modulation techniques used in wired, wireless and optical communications systems
  • explain techniques to convert analog to digital and digital to analog
  • describe characteristics of signal transmission
  • list and describe common telecommunications cables and the characteristics of use and application


  • ICTTEN201 Use electrical skills in telecommunications work

Learning Methods

This course will be delivered in blended mode at one of the MILCOM training centres or at a mutually convenient and suitable location, for a sufficiently large group of participants.