KNX-01 KNX Basic Accreditation Training


KNX Basic Accreditation Training

KNX is an international building control standard that is used to put the intelligence into intelligent buildings. It enables the integration and programming of a range of products from a range of manufacturers using a single software tool. KNX products are all thoroughly tested for compliance ensuring they operate seamlessly together on a single, simple network. 

Who supports KNX? 
There are over 388 manufacturers, 48033 partners, 118 scientific partners as well as user clubs, national groups and test labs over some 136 countries, that is why KNX is becoming the automation technology of choice. 

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • HVAC – Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning installers
  • Metering installers
  • Eco house installers
  • Home Networking/AV installers
  • Electrical Contractors